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What Is Good Posture or Normal Posture Supposed to Look Like?


From the front: eyes should be level, shoulders should be level, there should be equal distance between the arms and the body on both sides.  Your head, trunk, and hips shouldn’t be rotated to the left or right but should be facing forward.

From the side:  your ears should be over the center of your shoulders, your shoulders should be over your hips, and your hips should be over the bump on the outside of your ankles.

The most common postural distortion is:  Forward Head Posture

This posture has been associated with headaches, neck pain, arm pain, degenerative disc disease, numbness and tingling in your arms, and other symptoms.  Most patients have been told to “sit up straight and pull their shoulders back” or “pretend someone is pulling up your head with a string” or “tuck your chin back multiple times a day.”

How can I correct my posture?

All these suggestions may be okay for that person, but they may also make things worse.  For an accurate treatment plan, you need an accurate diagnosis.  In order to assess what exercises that patient needs, the doctor should do a complete evaluation on the patient’s posture and spinal alignment.  Just following general advice could lead to increased pain, improper movements for your spine, and it could make things worse overall for your posture and health.

At South Bellevue Chiropractic & Massage our doctors are trained to identify and treat postural and spinal distortions using the Chiropractic Biophysics Method® (CBP).

CBP is the most researched chiropractic technique on the planet and has over 130 scientific studies published.  Our goal is to test, not guess, what’s happening with your posture and spinal alignment and make recommendations that will reduce your symptoms, improve your overall health, and allow you to get back to health.

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